Our Board of Directors


President: Charles Harper

Vice President: Brittney McKay

Secretary: Wally Duncan

Treasurer: Kirk Mondy

Mitch Davis

Heath Farmer


Common Kindness!  That’s what the PB Area Giving Circle promotes!  I like the fact that by giving a little ($50) each of us can help serve the needs of a wide array of very deserving non-profit organizations in our area.  This growing trend in philanthropy is built on old traditions — that we truly become family as we care for one another.

Gary Featherston

Lynette Mansfield


"I’ve always had a heart for giving but never felt my small donations could help very much.  So, when I heard the concept of the “Giving Circle” it was the perfect fit for me.  My small donations added to other’s small donations allow us to give a combined, large grant (or many grants) to needy, non-profit organizations.  It’s
a simple and efficient approach to giving. The state of our heart is more important than the size of our gift.”

Sheldon Tyler